How do I make my Laptop Battery last longer?

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Laptop batteries are the most important part of your laptop. Without them your laptop is basically a miniature desktop computer, and they are no longer portable. So here are some tips and advice that will allow you to care for your laptop battery and get the most out of them.

  • Don’t make a habit of completely emptying your battery before charging it as this will shorten its lifespan if you do it regularly.
  • Most of modern laptops shut down before the battery is empty, but a few “enterprising” who wish to make most of their battery, make the necessary system changes that allow them to use their laptop battery till  it totally gives up on them. DON’T DO THAT.
  • Habit of using the laptop while placing it on their lap or on a pillow? Did you know doing this it blocks the air vents, leading to the laptop heating up. This in turn breaks down the battery slowly but surely and reduces its lifespan.
  • In order to maintain your battery make sure that your laptop is never heated and its air vents remain unblocked every time you work on it.
  • Get the Laptop vents cleaned off and on, with a can of compressed air, to keep the free of dirt and dust.
  • Rest your battery when you can. If you can do without your battery work on AC power for a few days, remove the battery for that period of time. But while doing so, make sure that your laptop battery is at least half charged. If the battery is unused, it will drain away, which will be a problem if you decide to use your battery to power your laptop again.

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