How to choose the right Power Bank?

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Most people’s smartphones have to endure constant, heavy use, which makes portable battery packs an important accessory to carry regularly. But with so many options out there for portable power banks, it can be hard to pick the right pack for your smartphone.

Here’s the guide to make the job easier for you –

  1. Check the mAh capacity: For example, if your device supports 2000mAh battery capacity, buy a power bank with at least 2500mAh. If you buy a 4500mAh model, it means you can charge your 2000mAh phone at least twice.
  2. Check ‘current draw’: Older phones do not draw more than 1 Ampere to charge their batteries. However, newer handsets and tablets need a 2.1 Ampere input current. Check your mobile’s original plug for details on current draw. If possible, buy a powerbank with two USB ports — 1A and 2.1A. Remember: When it comes to charging your gadgets, current draw is more important than capacity.
  3. Pay attention to the type of cells: Lithium-ion or Lithium-polymer — used in the power bank. Li-ion is cheap and easily available. Li-poly cells, on the other hand, are more expensive, but provide twice as much charge density per unit weight.
    For improved safety and performance, buy a model that comes with over voltage protection (OVP), over charge protection (OCP) and over-temperature protection (OTP) that ensure its longevity against spurts in current, and over heating during charging and discharging.

So now indeed you have got the POWER! To know more on Power Banks you could also Log on to and see our varied range suiting your multiple needs!

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