Product registration mandatory within 30 days.

Normally a user gives little attention to the power components and devices they use. But there have been serious cases when laptop battery or adapter has exploded while in use. This may be a serious threat to your expensive laptop too. 

Lapcare now brings you quality certified power components and devices that not only carries a standard warranty but also offer a unique insurance plan.

Lapcare - consumer first

Lapcare under its customer centric approach to provide world class and safe products to its consumers, Lapcare presents a unique equipment safety plan called Lapcare Protection Plan. LPP is a step towards ensuring higher safety standards of Lapcare power components and devices, conforming to strict International quality standards.This is a result of an extensive R & D and stringent testing of all Lapcare power components ad equipments.

What is LPP ?

LPP is a unique equipment safety plan called Lapcare Protection Plan. Under LPP any damage that is caused to your connected equipment using a lapcare device ( under this plan), will be insured for upto Rs. 20,000.


Some of the features and specifications that
ensure you of that extra edge of safety are:


• Over current protection
• Short circuit protection
• No load protection
• Surge Protection
• Over voltage protection
• Over temperature protection


•  High quality cells

•  High quality PVC

•  Non-hazardous materials


• Automatic Voltage regulation
• Auto-restart/ auto- charge
• Generator Compatible
• Cold Start Function
• Off mode Charging
• Double Boost Design
• 2 Years onsite Warranty on UPS electronics and Battery
• 3rd year extended warranty on UPS electronics (on carrying it to service center)


• Durable and fire-proof case
• Individual switches for each socket
• Power indicator light
• Safety shutter


• Short circuit protection
• Overload protection
• Overheating protection

So, be it before your purchase, during it or after it, for all of your accessories and peripheral component requirements, Lapcare is the synonym to safety quality, and reliability. We ensure you of a smooth product engagement experience. Stay Safe.

Claim Process

  • Customer registers the Lapcare product under LPP within 30 days on website https://www.lapcare.com/register or mail “customercare@lapcare.com” or toll-free number “1800-1200-852”.
  • Customer Visits the nearest Lapcare service center with damaged appliance & Lapcare Battery/ Adapter/ Car Power Inverter/ Extension/ UPS, tax invoice & LPP registration number.
  • Lapcare service center verifies all provided details and inspects the damaged appliance.
  • Lapcare service center registers a complaint and provides a job sheet to the customer.
  • This process takes 15 to 30 days’ time.
  • Lapcare service center notifies customer after rectification.
  • Customer Re-visits with job sheet and collects the fixed appliance.
  • Claim value up to Rs 20,000  only, if the repairing cost is more than the claim value then service center will update the customer and customer will provide the payment (no invoice for extra value).
  • The user needs to register the complaint within 24 to 48 Hours after the mishap.

Terms & Conditions

  • This Plan is only applicable on Lapcare Battery, Lapcare Adapter, Lapcare car power inverter, Lapcare power extension sockets and Lapcare UPS.
  • Applicable only if Customer buys the LPP covered Lapcare product from the authorized partner, dealer, or reseller.
  • LPP covered Lapcare product should be under the 365 days warranty.
  • LPP covered Lapcare product should be purchased on invoice.
  • LPP covered Lapcare product should be registered under the LPP by the user with contact details within 30 days from the date of purchase of the product.
  • The user needs to register the complaint within 24 to 48 Hours after the mishap.
  • LPP covered Lapcare product should be 100% damaged (like a burn or overvoltage output).
  • The affected appliance should not be opened or repaired by anyone other than the Lapcare service center.
  • LPP covered Lapcare product should not be physically damaged.
  • This plan is applicable only in India.
  • LPP does not allow the customer to claim any type of payment or a new appliance or product under this plan.
  • Any loss of human/animal life, furniture, home, etc. not covered under LPP.
  • Any physical, liquid damage, missing part in the affected appliance not covered under LPP.
  • Theft not covered under LPP.
  • Any type of Data Lose, software, operating system re-installation not covered under LPP.
  • LPP is non-renewable or transferable.