• Ipad Stand with lock


    • A simple security device to lock your iPad
    • Protect and prevent your iPad from impromptu snatch or run theft
    • View in different angles conveniently
    • 12-months-warranty

    • Available with various locking solutions in security slots and security holes
    • Light weight and easy to carry


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  • Lapcare Air Station

    Improve your laptop performance and efficiency by keeping its processor and other hardware cooler. The ergonomically designed laptop cooling station with low noise dual fans is a perfect product for laptops upto 15 inches. Apart from preventing overheating of the laptop, the air station also works as a docking station and makes working less tiring and trouble-free


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  • Lapcare Fusion -Laptop Cooler


    • Ergonomically designed to support correct posture while working
    • Adjustable high power, high speed, silent cooling fans
    • Easy to carry light weight plastic material
    • 12-months-warranty

    • 4 heavy duty USB 2.0 ports to support larger accessories like printers, scanner etc


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  • Multi Function Stand (Lap Station)


    • Stand with adjustable height & angle
    • Makes working on laptop easier
    • Suitable for all models of laptops
    • 12-months-warranty

    • High quality ABS material used for enhanced durability


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