Lapcare Adapter for HP 19v 1.58a 30W


  • Color: Black
  • Volt: 19V/1.58A
  • Watts: 30W
  • 12-months-warranty

  • Connector: ?4.8*?1.7
  • Pin Type: 3pin/2pin


Category: ID: 2115

Compatible Models

Presario 1700Presario 1700AIPresario 1700AP
Presario 1700AUPresario 1700EAPresario 1700JP
Presario 1700KRPresario 1700LAPresario 1700T
Presario 1700TCPresario 1700USPresario 1700XL573
Presario 1701AIPresario 1701AKPresario 1701AP
Presario 1701CLPresario 1701EAPresario 1701LB
Presario 1701SPresario 1701TCPresario 1702AP
Presario 1702KRPresario 1702LBPresario 1702TC
Presario 1710Presario 1710LAPresario 1710SB
Presario 1710TPresario 1711APPresario 1711CL
Presario 1712AP A7Presario 1712USPresario 1713AP
Presario 1714APPresario 1714EAPresario 1715AP
Presario 1715APPresario 1717RSHPresario 1717RSH
Presario 1720USPresario 1720USPresario 1721AP
Presario 1721APPresario 1721LAPresario 1721LA
Presario 1721TCPresario 1721TCPresario 1722AP
Presario 1722APPresario 1722CAPresario 1722CA
Presario 1722EAPresario 1722EAPresario 1722TC
Presario 1722TCPresario 1722USPresario 1722US
Presario 1723SCPresario 1723SCPresario 1723TC
Presario 1723TCPresario 1724SCPresario 1724SC
Presario 1724TCPresario 1724TCPresario 1725A
Presario 1725APresario 1725APPresario 1725AP
Presario 1725EAPresario 1725EAPresario 1725SC
Presario 1725SCPresario 1725TCPresario 1725TC


  • High-efficiency power conversion ratio and low ripple operating noise lpp
  • High-gloss casing
  • Over current protection / Over voltage protection / Short circuit protection / Over temperature protection

A laptop adapter is crucial for the smooth use of the device, as it enables you to charge your laptop batteries with ease. Each brand and model has a specific laptop power adapter that is compatible with it. Thus it is important to know your laptop model well before you purchase a replacement adapter for it. Proper voltage, watts and amperage of your laptop model are some essentials that you need to keep in mind.

Lapcare brings you one the finest and largest range of laptop adapters. Compatible with different brands and models, these adapters come with a warranty of 12 months. Apart from this it also comes with a unique lapcare protection plan which insures your connected equipment to the adapter.

Compatible Adapters for Apple/Asus/Wipro/Hcl/Ibm/Gateway/Samsung also Available

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