Cutie Power House 2200 mAh


  • Compact, easy to carry power bank which can also be used as a key chain
  • High quality cells
  • Single Micro-USB for all phones with Micro-USB charging
  • Single Micro USb
  • Ideal for music players, mobile phones and gaming console
  • Available in 6 colors
  • 12-months-warranty

  • Small & compact and study device
  • Battery capacity 2200 mAh

” Inbuilt Cables for Charging”

More Colors Available:
orange black-patch pink light_green_patch white-patch yellow

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A Power bank is an excellent emergency power back-up solution for your Gadgets , when you are not near a fixed recharging source. It ensures that you are never out of power when its needed  the most. These are specially designed with in-built cables and several attachments that can charge multiple gadgets simultaneously. The charging capacity ranges from 2200 mAh to 15600 mAh to charge a gadget multiple times. The trendy and compact design makes them easy to carry anywhere anytime…



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