Lapcare Digibank 12000mah Power House (White)

• Digital LCD display and Bright LED flashlight
• Material Non flammable, ABS housing Non flammable PC
• Ideal for Mobile Phone, Tabs, iPhone, iPod
• Dual USB Port (Output :- 1:5V-1A (Max))
• Made In India

EAN CODE: 8906056867708


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The Lapcare Digibank 12000mah Power bank is an excellent emergency power back-up solution for your Gadgets , when you are not near a fixed recharging source. It ensures that you are never out of power when its needed the most. The trendy and compact design makes them easy to carry anywhere anytime. Efficient charging the Lapcare 12000mah power bank uses state-of-the-art chipsets which are not only safer but also improve the charging conversion rate for each of your devices.

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