Lapcare E8 Chiklete Multimedia


  • Working voltage: DC+5V error 0.25V
  • Working current: DC+5V, <200mA
  • Interface: USB
  • Hot keys: 20 pcs
  • Key life: mode 80 million time
  • Loss power: <1 w
  • Keyboard size: 432*128*24 mm
  • Weight: 402g
  • Word key number: 105 key+ 20 hot keys


Category: ID: 2561

Lapcare introduces a universal & ergonomically designed keyboards, bundled with a host of new contemporary features. It is a great combo of style, quality and technology. With user friendly contours and 105 soft keys + 20 hot keys, this keyboard gives you a relaxing work experience. It uses the membrane technology that gives silent key operations, cushioning effect to your fingers and hence adds comfort for prolonged working. This keyboard does not require any driver and hence can be installed to any desktop or laptop. The space bar and the enter keys have an improved quality for extended service life.

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