Lapcare Fusion Laptop Cooler (LFS7002)


  • Ergonomically designed to support correct posture while working
  • Adjustable high power, high speed, silent cooling fans
  • Easy to carry light weight plastic material


  • 4 heavy duty USB 2.0 ports to support larger accessories like printers, scanner etc

EAN CODE: 8906056867296


SKU: LOSPCO4925 Category: ID: 2262

• Large metal mesh to provide enhanced recitation cooling
• 14 cm silent, high speed, high power fan that can be adjusted to left or right position for focused laptop cooling
• Hidden rear hub plate to manage variety of cables
• 6 step inclination options to adjust according to the height and convenience of the user.

Think about what all you need in a cooling station, the answer will be FUSION. Its a great combination of convenience, practical application and user friendly features. This all•in•one Laptop Cooling Stand prevents your laptop from overheating and also makes long laptop working extremely comfortable with its adjustable height feature. It also has a unique movable fan which can be adjusted as per your laptop model need. Fusion is an aesthetically & ergonomically designed Laptop cooling stand with light weight and low power consumption. It takes power from your laptop\’s USB port instead of using a bulky power adapter.

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