Lapcare PS2 Optical Mouse L70 +


• USB 3D optical mouse comfortable, durable, rubber roller and anti-skid design
• Roller press windows zooming and scrolling functions
• Ergonomic design that can be used with left or right hand
• Excellent optical tracking with 1200DPI resolution
• Compatible with Windows 98 SE, 2000, NT, XP, Vista and Win7/8/10

EAN CODE: 890605686998612-months-warranty


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Lapcare presents a smart, ergonomically and aesthetically designed range of mouse. Move your mouse’s cursor swiftly and seamlessly on your computer screen with the Lapcare PS2 Optical Mouse L70 Plus. The optical tracking sensor and optical tracking engine of this 3D Optical mouse upscale the speed of your everyday personal computing on your desktop/notebook PC. You can select text, drop-down menus, modify settings, navigate and do more, intuitively, with the Lapcare L70+ Mouse.


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