Lapcare MULT Power Bank 10000mAh White (LPB1000)


1. 10000mAh 3.7V/37WH, Li-Polymer Power Bank
2. Dual USB Port with 2 Input for Type-C and Micro Connector
3. Built-in BIS Approved A + grade Li-polymer longer battery life
4. Fast charge and self-charge, Power conversion rate up to 99%
5. Output:- USB 1& USB 2: DV5V-2.1A, Type-C: DC5V-2.1A


EAN CODE:8906056869870


SKU: LPPBW5998 Category: ID: 2322

Lapcare Mult 10000mAh Power Bank LPB1000 delivers on innovative Impressive design, excellent quality, and high output capacity. This high-performance polymer core is not only safe, but also to improve the charging conversion rate and steady discharge voltage, and it has high precision resistance capacitance device. We use only BIS approved A+ Grade polymer batteries with real 10000MAh Polymer battery. Double USB Output and 2 USB Input for Type C and Micro Connector charger make you free to charge the battery from any of the different output wire.

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