Lapcare Laptop Power Cable

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Product Description :

• FITS MOST BRANDED LAPTOP ADAPTER/CHARGERS Universal AU 3+Prong AC Power Cord 3 Pin Adapter Cable, Fit Most Laptop, Game Players, Cameras, Printers AC Power Adapters or Chargers • CONVERSION It converts back and forth between 3-prong Power plug and 3-Prong Laptop, Power Cord.
• CONNECTIONS The Female connector plugs directly into the device while the male connector plugs into a standard outlet.
• SUITABILITY It is compatible with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony Vaio Toshiba, Wipro, LG, ASUS, Samsung, IBM, Acer, Micromax and most other Laptop Adapters/Chargers.
It is suitable for many application including standard laptop computer/Video Games/Notebooks/Printers/LCD TFT CRT Monitors/Audio equipment & Amps, and many more electronics using 3-prong power.

Warranty : 5 Years