Tips to Extend Your Cell Phone Battery Life!

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Nowadays smartphones are been used for multiple tasks ; not only for making calls and texting, it is heavily used for clicking pictures(selfies), surfing online, sending mails, whatsapping and more ..the list shall be endless.

Keeping all the above activities in mind and mainly in one device, the battery is bound to die really fast. So let’s take a look at these few tips that shall not only extend your life but will keep it kool!

Change your settings:  Find out which programs / apps are consuming your battery power from the settings control panel. Check the manual how to reach the settings panel for your particular phone. See which apps are running in the background, eating up your battery, and shut them off.

Say no to animations: Fan of live wallpaper or fun widget running? Now not anymore and these all look fun until your batteries die off! Animations and other automated programs will eat up your batteries when you’re not looking.

Turn down the brightness: Reduce the brightness and see how slightly darker screen will affect your battery life!

Save downloads until you’re plugged in: Downloading an app or update to your new version can eat up your battery; make sure you have turned off all automatic updates so you can update only when you are ready, not you app!

Don’t overcharge:  Leaving a cell phone plugged in for charger can cause the cell phone battery to overheat affecting your battery efficiency. Next time, plug it to charge only when you get home, and unplug them before you go to sleep.

Get rid of old apps: Don’t burden your phone with apps you don’t use; they may be live and running in the background when you turn on your phone. Get rid of anything will free up some hard drive space as well!

Have an emergency back up plan: Look up for a backup battery for your phone model online as some of the brands battery cannot be removed. Keeping a fully-charged backup battery or USB wire can rescue you in emergency

Turn off GPS: Use GPS only when you are searching for directions, otherwise turn it off and enjoy less strain on your battery’s resources. Do the same action with your Bluetooth devices when they are not in use.

Use airplane mode: turn on airplane mode when you are in no or low signal area. It will stop searching signals that eats up most of your battery. Once you’re back in a better phone zone, you can jump out of airplane mode and get back to texting.

Turn off notifications: Although it’s great to know the moment you have received an email/friend request/chat request – all the notification may be costing you in cell phone battery life. Cut down these instant notifications and check only when you needed it most

We hope that some of these tips we’ve suggested will help you get more life for your smartphone –J Go Happy Smartphoning!

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