Laptop adaptor Compatible for ASUS TUF GAM ING FX 505 20V 7.5A 150W

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Vendor Lapcare
Type Laptop Adapter
Model Number -

Features :

  • Output Current : 7.5Amp

  • Output Voltage : 20Volt

  • Wattage : 150Watt

  • Connector Pin Size : 6.0*3.7mm

  • Adapter Dimensions in CM :16.6*8*4

  • DC Cable Length : 1.2M

  • Adapter Weight (Grams) : 755g

  • Compatible Models

    ASUS 20V 7.5A 150W 6.0*3.7mm

    Model: ADP-150CH B A18-150P1A

    Compatible for AC Power Adapter of ASUS:

    Asus G512 G512LI FX506LI FX505DT FA506 FX706 FX706L FX95G FX95D G531GT G731GT FX505GT FX705GT FX505DD FX505DU FX705DD FX705DT FX705DU

    Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA401IHR)

    Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (GA401QH)

    Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 GA401 GA401IHR GA401QH

    Asus ROG Strix G15 G512 G512LI

    Asus ROG Strix G G731 GL731GT

    For Asus G512 G512LI FX506LI FX505DD FX505DT FX505DU FA506

    For Asus FA506II FX706L FX706 FX705D FX705DD FX705DT

    For Asus FX705DY PX705D PX705DD PX705DT PX705DU TUF705D

    For Asus TUF705GD TUF705DD TUF705DT TUF705DU FX705DU

    For Asus TUF765D TUF765DD TUF765DT TUF765DT

    FX95D VX60G, FA506 FA706, FX505DT, G531GT-BQ012T, G531GT-BQ020T,

    ROG Strix G531, ROG G531,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT-BQ035,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT,

    G531GT-AL030T, G531GT-AL007T, G531GT-AL004, G531GT-BQ132T,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT-BQ051, G531GT-BQ067T, G531GT-AL017T, G531GT-BQ021T,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL095T, G531GT-AL048, G531GT-AL070T, TUF505D,

    TUF Gaming FX505DU, G531GT-AL041T, G531GT-AL003T,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT-EB73, G531GT-BQ067R, G531GT-BQ026T,

    TUF Gaming FX505DT-AL027T,

    TUF Gaming FX505D, G531GT, FX505D, G531GT-BI7N6,

    TUF Gaming FX505