Laptop adaptor Compatible for Samsung 19V 4.74A

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Vendor Lapcare
Type Laptop Adapter
Model Number -

Features :

  • Output Current : 4.74Amp

  • Output Voltage : 19Volt

  • Wattage : 90Watt

  • Connector Pin Size : 5.5*3.0mm with pin inside

  • Adapter Dimensions in CM :12.5*4.8*3.3

  • DC Cable Length : 1.2M

  • Adapter Weight (Grams) : 253g

  • Compatible Models

    Samsung 19V/4.74A 90W 5.5*3.0mm with pin inside

    Compatible Part Number:

    PA-1900-98? BA44-002

    Compatible Models:

    Samsung R-Series: R25 R18 R700 R58 R26 R23 R70 R20 R50 R39 R55 R65 R40 R45 R25e R403 R453 R455 R503 R508 R21 R26 R518 R522 R560 R710 R720 R428 R439 R410 R453 R429 R528 R728 R480 RC520 RC530

    Samsung X-Series: X1 X22 X11 X12 X20 X25 X50 X60 X05 X10 X06 X15 X30 X25

    Samsung P-Series: P200 P400 P30 P50 P20 P28 P10 P25 P40 P29 P35

    Samsung M-Series: M30 M40 M50 M70

    Samsung U-Series: V20 V25 V30

    NV5000 GT9000 T10A10 NP20 NP25 T10 Q45 Q70 A10 AD-9019S SADP-90FH

    B SF411 SF511 RC520 300V4A SF411 SF511 300V4A 300V5A

    Samsung Series 7 Chronos 700Z NP700Z5C NP780Z5E NP700Z7C laptop

    Samsung NP200

    Samsung NP400

    Samsung Q320

    Samsung NP-Q320

    Samsung NT-Q320

    Samsung Q322

    Samsung NP-Q322

    Samsung NT-Q322

    Samsung Q428

    Samsung NP-Q428

    Samsung NT-Q428

    Samsung R423

    Samsung NP-R423

    Samsung NT-R423

    Samsung R428

    Samsung NP-R428

    Samsung NT-R428

    Samsung R429

    Samsung NP-R429

    Samsung NT-R429

    Samsung R430

    Samsung NP-R430

    Samsung NT-R430

    Samsung R431

    Samsung NP-R431

    Samsung NT-R431

    Samsung R439

    Samsung NP-R439

    Samsung NT-R439

    Samsung R440

    Samsung NP-R440

    Samsung NT-R440

    Samsung R458

    Samsung NP-R458

    Samsung NT-R458

    Samsung R460

    Samsung NP-R460

    Samsung NT-R460

    Samsung R462

    Samsung NP-R462

    Samsung NT-R462

    Samsung R463

    Samsung NP-R463

    Samsung NT-R463

    Samsung R464

    Samsung NP-R464

    Samsung NT-R464

    Samsung R465

    Samsung NP-R465

    Samsung NT-R465

    Samsung R466

    Samsung NP-R466

    Samsung NT-R466

    Samsung R467

    Samsung NP-R467

    Samsung NT-R467

    Samsung R468

    Samsung NP-R468

    Samsung NT-R468

    Samsung R470

    Samsung NP-R470

    Samsung NT-R470

    Samsung R522

    Samsung NP-R522

    Samsung NT-R522

    Samsung R478

    Samsung NP-R478

    Samsung NT-R478

    Samsung R480

    Samsung NP-R480

    Samsung NT-R480

    Samsung RC410

    Samsung NP-RC410

    Samsung RC420

    Samsung NP-RC420

    Samsung NT-RC420

    Samsung RC425

    Samsung NP-RC425

    Samsung NT-RC425

    Samsung RF411

    Samsung NP-RF411

    Samsung NT-RF411

    Samsung RV408

    Samsung NP-RV408

    Samsung NT-RV408

    Samsung RV410

    Samsung NP-RV410

    Samsung NT-RV410

    Samsung RV508

    Samsung NP-RV508

    Samsung NT-RV508

    Samsung Q330

    Samsung NP-Q330

    Samsung NT-Q330

    Samsung QX310

    Samsung NP-QX310

    Samsung NT-QX310

    Samsung Q230

    Samsung NP-Q230

    Samsung NT-Q230

    Samsung Q318

    Samsung NP-Q318

    Samsung NT-Q318

    Samsung P428

    Samsung NP-P428

    Samsung NT-P428

    Samsung P230

    Samsung NP-P230

    Samsung NT-P230

    Samsung P330

    Samsung NP-P330

    Samsung NT-P330

    Samsung SF310

    Samsung NP-SF310

    Samsung NT-SF310

    Samsung SF311

    Samsung SF311

    Samsung NP-SF311

    Samsung SF410

    Samsung NP-SF410

    Samsung NT-SF410

    Samsung SF411

    Samsung NP-SF411

    Samsung X330

    Samsung NP-X330

    Samsung NT-X330

    Samsung X331

    Samsung NP-X331

    Samsung NT-X331

    Samsung X430

    Samsung NP-X430

    Samsung NT-X430

    Samsung X431

    Samsung NP-X431

    Samsung NT-X431