Laptop Compatible Battery For ASUS R542/R580,X542 (C21N1634)

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Vendor Lapcare
Type Battery
Model Number -

Technical Specifications :

  • Capacity : 7.6V, 4100mAh, BLACK

  • No. of Cell : 2 cell

  • Compatible Part Numbers : 0B200-02550000 0B200-02550200 C21N1634 C21PqCH

  • Compatible Laptop Models :A580B A580U A580UBA7100 A580UF A580UR A580UR7100 A580UR8250 A580UR9000 F542UF F542UN F542UQ FL5900L R542U R542UA R542UA-GQ692T R542UF R542UF-DM074T R542UN R542UN-DM168T R542UN-DM198T R542UN-DM233T R542UQ R542UQ-DM393T R542UQ-GQ410T V587U VivoBook 15 X542BA VivoBook 15 X542BA-DH99 VivoBook 15 X542BP VivoBook 15 X542UA VivoBook 15 X542UA-GO254T VivoBook 15 X542UA-GQ222T VivoBook 15 X542UF VivoBook 15 X542UF-DM143T VivoBook 15 X542UN VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM055T VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM128T VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM129T VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM162T VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM242T VivoBook 15 X542UN-DM243T VivoBook 15 X542UQ VivoBook 15 X542UQ-DM026T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-DM071T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-DM234T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-DM336T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-GQ145T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-GQ146T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-GQ222T VivoBook 15 X542UQ-GQ335T VivoBook 15 X542UR VivoBook 15 X542UR-DM110T VivoBook 15 X542UR-DM220T VivoBook 15 X542UR-GO216T VivoBook 15 X542UR-GQ040T VivoBook F542UF VivoBook F542UF-DM054T VivoBook F542UF-DM276T VivoBook F542UF-GQ035T VivoBook F542UN VivoBook F542UN-DM015T VivoBook F542UN-DM064T VivoBook F542UN-DM161T VivoBook F542UN-DM162T VivoBook F542UQ VivoBook F542UQ-DM086T VivoBook F542UQ-DM296T VivoBook F542UQ-GQ292T VivoBook F542UQ-GQ295T Vivobook R542UR Vivobook R542UR-GQ378T VivoBook X542UF VivoBook X542UF-DM001T VivoBook X542UF-DM054T VivoBook X542UF-DM143T VivoBook X542UF-GQ171T X542 X542BA-1B X542BP-1B X542BP-3G X542U X542UA X542UA-1B X542UA-1C X542UA-3F X542UA-3G X542UF X542UF-1B X542UF-1C X542UF-3F X542UF-3G X542UN-1B X542UN-1C X542UN-3F X542UN-3G X542UQ X542UQ-1B X542UQ-1C X542UQ-3F X542UQ-3G X542UR-1B X542UR-1C X542UR-3F X542UR-3G